Who we are

Care Factory is a fast-growing consulting firm dedicated to generating insights that impact real patient care. We work with our clients, including manufacturers, public and private payers, and healthcare establishments on questions of innovation, market access, optimization of care paths, and patient support.

Driven by our expertise in the French and European healthcare systems, powered by our data-driven approach, and supported by our cross-functional view of health systems, our work links stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, helping our clients to transform the patient experience through their healthcare innovations.

We work with clients on a range of real-world evidence services, including:

  • Strategy design to generate, access and treat data from insurers, research and healthcare providers
  • Study execution for public health, epidemiologic, medico-economic and market access purposes
  • Predictive and preventive model development to improve efficacy in care delivery
  • Solution development to leverage real time healthcare data for more reactive and proactive healthcare organizations

Working with us

At Care Factory, our clients work with a multi-disciplinary team of pharmacists, data scientists, and specialists in the marketing and organization of care. Our diverse expertise extends globally, ensuring each project includes an international perspective from design to deployment.

In 2020, Care Factory joined Alira Health, a leading healthcare and life sciences consulting firm. This partnership offers Care Factory clients a host of services across Product Development, Regulatory, Clinical, Market Access, Strategic Consulting, and Transaction Advisory to uncover opportunities, accelerate innovation, and improve outcomes for patients around the world. Learn more at www.alirahealth.com. 

Working with Care Factory and Alira Health offers clients deeper insights, actionable data, and a shorter pathway from innovation to impact.