Real-World Studies

Market Access / HEOR

As a member of the care industry
You wish to value the efficacy of care
You wish to experiment with new remuneration models (including performance, episodes, and yearly fees)
What we deliver
The Care Factory Team supports clients by:
Designing data models and study methodologies (including data set definition and analytics methodologies)
Managing the SNDS process (including protocol of research, and procedure follow-up for the CESREES and CNIL)
Managing data and the implementation of methodologies
Designing new remuneration models, including type of model (e.g. risk sharing performance), trackers, indicators, and methodologies
Impacts modeling and comparisons with existing solutions
Managing experts throughout the process
Type of data collected
Patient profiles (including age, gender, and welfare)
Disease information (including diagnostic and co-morbidities)
Drug prescriptions
Practitioners or coding experts interviews
SNIIRAM (event and total costs of care), EGB
PMSI (event during hospital stays)
CEPIDC (deceased cause)
Open Data (open DAMIR)
Expertise involved in such projects